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Montoya Sculpture & Supply has been serving stone carvers and sculptors since 1973. We stock Italian and domestic hand and power tools for stone carving along with tons and tons of soapstone, alabaster, wonderstone, marble and limestone. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Please visit my website for tools and supplies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More Stone Carving Informartion to Come

Just getting started with blogging. I have a lot of other information available on stone carving. They are in the form of Technical Bulletins (six other ones). Call me or staff at 561-832-4401 if we can help. I plan to post the other Technical Bulletins soon. Let me know if there is a certain question you have.

Today receivd 8 tons of new stone. If you are new to stone carving try our relatively soft stones in the form of soapstone and alabaster. We also have marbles.


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