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Montoya Sculpture & Supply has been serving stone carvers and sculptors since 1973. We stock Italian and domestic hand and power tools for stone carving along with tons and tons of soapstone, alabaster, wonderstone, marble and limestone. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Please visit my website for tools and supplies.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Reviews by Stone Sculpture Workshop Participants

Between January 19 and January 22, 2005 Montoya Sculpture and Supply in West Palm Beach, hosted stone sculptor Sharon Gainsburg as the first instructor of its annual Stone Carving Workshops XXXII. The workshop was full with 10 participants and as far as I could tell everyone had a great and educational time. On thing we learned is to provide decaf coffee and hard boiled eggs (for protein), as those were lacking from our complimentary all day food bar. As part of our ongoing effort to introduce and maintain energetic, insightful and inspiring sculpture teachers, participants were encouraged to comment on the facility, experience and instructor. Below are their unedited comments.

"I found the class (with Sharon Gainsburg) a life-altering experience that not only stretched my boundaries but also catapulted me to a new level of confidence."
M. Beck, Chicago IL

"The Sharon Gainsburg workshop I've just completed was a fabulous experience, as well as an excellent learning adventure. I feel more confident in my approach to stone after learning new techniques; and energized from the total immersion in this environment. Can hardly wait to do it again."
P. Kirkpatrick, Naples FL

"The workshop experience was a great kickstart to reenergizing my artistic pursuits, and everyone was very enthusiastic and encouraging."
K. Donovan, Lancaster Penn

"The Sharon Gainsburg four day workshop was a very rewarding experience for me. It introduced a new approach for me; working an abstract form. I feel very excited about the prospect of developing further sculptures and letting those stones speak to me, thanks to Sharon."
M.F. Haley, Estero FL

"She made everyone feel very comfortable and she gives all [the] encouragement that all students need."
R. D'Jahanshahi, Palm Beach Gardens FL

"I was afraid that being handicapped would hinder me in the workshop, but everyone helped me out. Everything worked out great."
A. Fowler, Columbia SC

"Montoya Sculpture provides and excellent facility and excellent instruction. The staff are knowledgeable and go beyond just being helpful. Everything you need is right here- no matter what ability level- just pack your bags and prepare to immerse yourself, and have a great time." M.J. Norris, Wilmington NC


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