Montoya Stone Carving

Montoya Sculpture & Supply has been serving stone carvers and sculptors since 1973. We stock Italian and domestic hand and power tools for stone carving along with tons and tons of soapstone, alabaster, wonderstone, marble and limestone. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Please visit my website for tools and supplies.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Colorado Gold Vein Marble Arrives

We just received two pallets of Colorado Gold Vein Marble. If you have been by the studio recently you have seen the sample I have near the front door. This is a great marble to work with. It’s mostly white but has some goldish color running though it in places. I am keeping the price low for this introductory shipment. These are rectangular shapes at 14"x14" and 8"x8". They range in lenghts between 16 and 20 inches. If you need custom sizes let me know so I can get it on our next shipment. I am going to keep them large through the sale but after that I will cut anything left into smaller units so let us know if you are interested in smaller units and we will contact you. But call as soon as you can because I think this marble will go fast. Introductory priced at $1.20.